Payroll Process


Payroll is a part of the compensation that is being paid by the company employees for a set period according to the cut date as per attendance that is normally managed by the account, HR department of a company, or directly by the company owner.

payroll is a lenghty process that is managed properly by an account handler. The account handler has the responsibility to manage all the data related to the employee and put it into the process at the time of payroll process, any payroll contains the following main parts that are below.

  • Employee data:
  • Compensation part:
  • Other benefits part
  • Benefits part:
  • Tax part:
  • Other deductions:
  • Net amount:

Employee compensation part:

The key point of payroll

Important Topics

  • Employee attendance data.
  • Invoices generation
  • salary slip generation
  • salary disbursement
  • payroll software