Job Hunting

Job hunting a difficult, but may become easier to find a suitable job according to your capability and skills, There are different ways that you can use to find a suitable position. some of these points are below.

  • Using Network:
  • Referrals:
  • Job boards and career sites:
  • Job Fairs
  • Company web sites
  • Cold Calling:
  • headhunters and recruiters:
  • Temping or Internship:
  • Creative and outland tactics:
  • Social media network:
  • Walking or visiting:

Required tactics

  • Update your resume:
  • Prepare your online profile:
  • write a cover letter:
  • Understand job application steps:
  • Be prepared for test | Interview:
  • Be professional:
  • Apply Right job
  • Use the right time:
  • send the follow-up email:
  • Learn the job network:
  • Ask for a line:
  • Get well informed about interview questions:
  • Be proactive:
  • Be aware of the job role:
  • Know your reference way:
  • Know your interviewer:

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