Employment contract types

employement contract is a basic requirement for the employement to start. there are different types of contract agreements, these agreements are the points between the party (A) Employer and party (B) Employee. The agrement terms condition are applicable for and a law points for the both parties that may be terminated by voilation by any either side party and may be challege through the country law. the employement appointment letter has two copies one is employee copy and the other is company copy that is an evedence of of acceptance of the appoint letter with all terms and conditions.

following are the main employement contract letters that can offer by the empoyer to the employee for a specific period or project base time line.

  • Regular employement letter.
  • Contractual emplyment letter.
  • Temporary employement letter.

Terms conditions

Employeement contract letter are spicified by a specific terms and condition offer by the employer for the employee in view and applicability not to voilate the gove labor law terms conditions. the employement contract offer for the employee is condifedential document and has the following main part are below

  • Employee Name: Mention the name of the employee for whom the contract letter issued
  • Address: the 2nd parth is the employee residential address mentioning on the contract letter.
  • Date: this the 3rd part of the agreement showing strating of job | contract applicability for the employee contract.
  • Refrense: this the no showing a that contain the company name / Job location/ deuputation / date of strating job year and month.
  • Subject: this contact a heading that what kind of contract issued for the employee.
  • Offer: this part of the contract showing the employement offer type / jobe position and strating of joining date with some kinds of appriciation words.
  • Comencement & duration of the contract: these are the points that shows that your appoint letter will starting with effective some mentioning date may be continue till satifactory safisfactory level by the employer.
  • Compensation & benefits. this a salary and compensation part of the contract that writing the employee salary portion with other benefits or allowances, thes are mentioning the employee basic salary, House allownces and utility alowances as per labor law of the goverment. it must be noted that the employer must be paid a per goverment labor rules and may be challenged by voilation (if /any) of these rules. these salary rules is known as minimum wage rule announcing by the goverment goverment every year.
  • Gratuity | Provident fund (PF) : this part of the employeent cover a portion of payment one gross salary applicable to pay to the employee after completion of one of service during sepation time as per goverment labor rules and my challenged by the employee through labor court if any employer voilate this rules, this portion also allow the employee to pay the gratuity | PF or both as per labor rules.
  • Leave: this part of the contract showing leaves that is a mandatory part applicable for the employee as per labor law this part also allow the employer the exceed this leaves if they want as optional.
  • Libaility of the contract: this portion points writing the rules of the contract, job responsibilty, job deputation, and relocation that may be applicable for the employee as per the decision of the employer.
  • Termination of contract: this portion write the rules of job period, rule of termination of the contract that how and when on what bases these rules will be applicables.
  • Other rules and regulation: these points write the rules to do and do not at workplace or beyond and follow the rules and regulation of the companay and these services may terminated by voilation of any applicable policy of the company.
  • wetting the rules: this the last portion of the contract the employee wetting that he agreed over the above point and singing these documents and return a writen copy to the employer.

Whom it may offer

This type of contract may be offered to the full time regular employement, regular contractual employement

Teporary Employement contract

The temporary employement contract is normaly issued for the dail wage employee. This contract is portionated as abvove pionts except the rules of leaves gratuity and proper compestion for within under 90 days period as per labor rules and may be consider as regular employee exceeding 90 days continues working period at specific job location, in this contract contract the employee salary is calculating on per day calculation according at minimum wage rules as per goverment labor law.

Whom it may offer

This type of contract may be offered to the daily wager employement, temporary employement, internships, freelancer and consultant.

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