Employee contract termination process

Employee termination is permitted under the terms of the employment contract between the employee and the employer. Because there are two types of employment contracts, a regular employment contract letter, and a contractual employment contract letter, both terminations of employment contracts will depend on the terms of the appointment letter. Every termination of employment contract must follow the procedures outlined in the following paragraphs. In the event that an employee is on probation, you may simply cancel his employment agreement with no further obligation.

  • Employment Probationary period: If the employee is on probation, the first and most crucial step is to find out how long they will be there. Your contract may be ended within the initial three or six-month period without prior notice or payment in lieu of notice. Your appointment may be ended at any time after the initial three months have been successfully completed, provided that the following criteria are met

Further, if the employee is in employment and he is already completed his probationary period then a step of the process is involved before terminating his contract, These steps depend on the employee’s case as highlighted against him and you may not terminate this agreement as per labor rules of the government if there is no evidence against him, so it is very important to prove the allegation against him then you may take action without any legal formality the employee has the rights to file court case against you, and then it will be up to you how to prove your taken action against the employee in the labor court and then the court may decide whether the employee should to be retained on his duty or not, so it is necessary before to take any action against the employee you should first understand the contract letter and then follow the below proceedure.

  • Allegation acceptance: In this process, if the employee accepts the allegation as alleged against him through his written statement then the management has to decide to see the allegations against the employee and take action as per company rules as reviews of a written statement of the employee, and decide whether the employee should to leave on the job, communicate the employee to submit his resignation, if the employee accepting and submit his resignation from the employee, then the case will be closed and if the employee does not agree to submit his resignation from the employment, then the company has to follow the procedure below:
  • Suspension letter: The employee will be suspended from the job and a written notice will be shared with the employee mentioning that you are suspended till the mentioned date, The suspension is legal and will be for three days but may extended further till the inquiry report. A suspension letter may shared with the employee or through a show cause notice mentioning the reason for suspension effective date.
  • Show cause notice: A show cause notice may be issued for the employee to answer the employee and submit a written response | employee against the allegation. if the employee failed to respond to the show cause reply is not appealable then an inquiry notice has been issued for the employee to appear in front of the inquiry board to provide a reasonable reply about the misconduct done by him.
  • Inquiry notice: The inquiry notice will be released for the employee in reference to the show cause notice and misconduct issue done by him to provide evidence of proof in front of the inquiry board before taking action against him. If the employee appears in front of the inquiry board, then 2nd inquiry notice has been issued by the inquiry officer to provide the employee a chance before taking action against him. if the employee fails to appear in front of the inquiry board, then a partial inquiry report has been submitted by the inquiry officer on his behalf. but if the employee appears in front of the inquiry board, then a proper inquiry procedure will be adopted that will contain four persons i.e. inquiry officer, inquiry board witness, respondent, and responsive personnel.
  • Inquiry formate:
  • Inquiry report:
  • Contract termination letter:
  • Immediate Termination:
  • Employee resignation:

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