Documentation verification process

once the documentation completed then the requiter communicate the candidate to that will be received a joining letter once their documentation verification process has beeb completed at National data base and educational institution and previouse employement verification.


  • CNIC : The candidate CNIC validitity and confirmation has been verified throught National data base agency of the country, and communicate the canditate to provide valid and upgraded CNIC copy with the time prame.
  • Work Visa: If the candidate has a work visa permit the HR verification department contact the forigien agencies through a reuquest letter to confirm the work visa accuracy and validity.
  • Passport verification: the candidate passport has been virified by the HR verification department tp check the pasport expiry and validity if the candidate is a foriegn national the veification department verifiying the passport confirmation from the nation passport agency through a requet letter.
  • Educational documen: The candidate education doucments are being verified by the concern board through a request letter, if the candiate is foriegn national then his education documents are being verifies by the concern foriegn ministery/ embassy or counsilate.
  • pervious employment: if the candidate has experties and providing the previous organization experience letter, the HR verifcation department, verifying the candidate previouse history of work through email, verification form/ calling confirmation.
  • Police verification. if the candiate is rural /urban residential, the HR verification department proceed a police verifcation process through self servce with a request letter and form to police station at the employee permenent residential located area or through the employee to provide police verification from the concern area police station.
  • Driving license verification: if the candidate is driver then the HR verification department confirming the candidate driving license no at the police online driving license portal and it validity or through a request letter with driving license copy from the trafic police of the region.

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